Wine and vineyards have always held a special place in our family history. The beginning was given by Prokop Spasov Marinkov (Grandpa Koppe), a participant in the Second World War. After the end of the war, he created a farm, including vineyards, and was imposed as a respected and recognizable farmer. With the beginning of the communist regime in Bulgaria and the process of collectivisation of the land, his farm was taken away for the benefit of the state.

The farm was again restored after 1991. Yanush Damyanov, the son-in-law of Grandpa Koppe, played a major role in the restoration of the farm. Yanush Damyanov is a long-standing school director and prominent public figure in the area, subsequently posthumously declared an honorary citizen of Strumyani Municipality.

The whole family, led by Vladimir Damyanov, son of Yanush, took part in the subsequent cultivation and development of the vineyards.

As a natural extension of this family love to the vineyards, the idea of creating a family-operated winery was born, and today, after years of hard work and determination, this idea has finally come to life.

Our winery is located at the heart of Struma River valley, in Strumyani village, which is 12 km away from the town of Sandanski, South Western Bulgaria. It’s a boutique family winery, where we create artisanal wines with individual character, based on our family values, love and passion for wine, in limited editions. Wines for true connoisseurs and collectors.

We care for our vineyards in an organic, bio-friendly manner by applying “natural farming” and we turn our high-quality grapes into wines that naturally reflect the spirit of land and nature.
To us, growth is measured in quality, not quantity, and we are looking to achieve a long-term success.

We have maintained an attitude of deep respect towards land and its cultivation and we continue to uphold the well-established local wine-making traditions.




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