Our vineyards are cultivated in a bio-friendly manner, using traditional technology with almost entirely manual processing. The methods of cultivation of our vineyards are inspired by the Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka and his “natural farming”.

The main feature of “natural farming” consists of cooperation with nature, without trying to conquer or improve it, hence the name of the method, “natural” or organic. Thanks to “natural farming”, we restore and improve the fertility, structure and moisture capacity of the soil. Some of the principles of “natural farming” of Masanobu Fukuoka include denial of plowing the soil, refusal of chemical fertilizers, refusal of weed control by plowing and herbicides. Instead of plowing, we mow our vineyards. Thus, the organic residues of the plants and animals accumulate and decompose on the surface. During pruning, the branches are cut into tiny pieces and scattered around the vineyards. The wastes left after the grapes grinding and the grape marc left after the drain of the wine are brought back to the vineyards and spread on the soil. With rainwater the nutrients penetrate deeply into the soil to become food for microorganisms. Plant roots reach the lower layers of the soil and return the nutrients back to the surface. Thus, we strive to create a healthy environment in which stronger plants are growing and to restore and maintain the natural balance in our farm.

Our vineyards are situated in the Ilindentsi village area in Struma River valley, South Western Bulgaria. They are located at 300 m above sea level, with the majority of land facing south. This ecologically clean region, together with its sub-Mediterranean climate and the high amount of year-round sunshine, contribute greatly to growing our signature grape varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the special ancient Broad Leaved Melnik vine variety, typical for the region.

We know that quality wine is produced from quality grapes, so we follow a strict philosophy of “less is more”. The grape harvesting process is meticulously controlled with an accent on quality instead of quantity.

Using manual labour to take care of our vineyards ensures that each vine receives the necessary care and attention. As a result, our grapes have the highest quality and excellent wine specifications.

The harvesting process is performed entirely by hand. Each fruit that goes towards preparing our wines is carefully handpicked after making sure it meets the criteria for achieving the typical characteristics of our wines.



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