Following our philosophy of always employing natural farming and eco-friendly methods in growing our vineyards, we use similar techniques in our winery, where we strictly control the process of wine-making. 

We make sure that there is minimal interference with the natural grape fermenting and other processes of converting the grapes into wine. All our wines have been produced by hand and through limited use of technology, which is only meant to complement the natural processes that occur in wine-making. In this way, we strive to create unique, high-quality, natural, handmade artisanal wines in limited editions with a distinctive taste and character.

All processes follow traditional techniques and as a result, our products have completely preserved their natural scents and taste. We believe that by filtering part of wine’s soul is gone, so all our wines are bottled unfiltered.

Following the completion of all fermentation stages, the wine clarification and the rest of the natural processes that occur in creating our wines, they are aged in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. All of this, in addition to our love, devotion and patience towards our craft, contributes to creating signature wines with unique quality, character and soul.




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